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 What is PTA?

The vision of the Washington State PTA is that every child’s potential becomes a reality. The PTA’s mission is to:

* provide a powerful voice for children,

* be a relevant resource for families and communities, and

* be an advocate for the well-being and education of all children in the community. More information about the PTA at the state level can be found at www.wastatepta.org.

 What does the PTA do at Ridgewood?

The PTA provides volunteers that assist the school staff with the everyday running of the school. We also coordinate events to promote community and networking within the school with students, teachers, and parents. In addition, the PTA runs fundraisers (auctions, book fairs, carnivals, etc.) throughout the year that provide funds that go back to the school for improvements, such as purchasing new playground equipment. Various PTA committees work throughout the year to provide support to students and the community by coordinating clothing drives and food drives that allow our school to give back to the community at large.

 How does the PTA do it?

YOU! PTA encourages the parents and the community to be involved in our public schools. We know that this involvement is more likely to create the best schools for our children, and to make sure that schools meet the community needs. We want parents and the community to be aware of issues in the public schools and we want them to be involved in the decision-making process. 

Just being as member of the PTA greatly helps. The larger our membership, the louder our voice is heard and the more resources we have available to make every child’s potential a reality. Your dues help support the work of the PTA financially and we are always looking for more volunteers to assist with various committees. The Ridgewood PTA website (www.ridgewoodpta.org) is undergoing improvements, but you can refer to it to find a list of active committees and their volunteer needs on the “Get Involved” page. There are many opportunities for you to get involved in supporting our school, many that don’t require a great commitment of time. If you would like to learn more about any of the committees, please send an email to president@ridgewoodpta.org.

 Who is Ridgewood PTA?

The PTA at Ridgewood Elementary comprises teachers, board members, and members. All are volunteers who donate their time and resources to enrich the education of students.

 The Board is responsible for running the PTA and attend every meeting. The primary board members and their roles are shown below:


Preside over all board and general meetings. Act as liaisons between local PTA unit and council. Attend monthly Kent Area PTA Council Meetings. Meets with executive committee prior to each PTA meeting to set agenda items.

Vice President

Assists the President with their duties as described above. Also responsible for scheduling programs throughout the school year.


Attend all board and general meetings, taking notes and preparing accurate minutes of each meeting. Provide copies of the agenda for all meetings and handles correspondence. Review and approve bank statements for second signature approval.


Prepares Treasurer’s Report for every monthly meeting. Keeps accurate records of all income and expenditures. Manages the PTA bank account: deposits, issues checks for payments and reimbursements, and balances the checking account. Sends in required tax forms by deadlines. Acts as an advisor for the Audit and Budget Committees.